23 June, 2012

How I Braved Anu Aunty

Title:             How I Braved Anu Aunty & Co-Founded A Million Dollar Company
Author:         Varun Agarwal
Price:            INR. 140/-
Publisher:     Rupa& Co

20 something Varun is an engineer by profession and half the world is expecting him to do his MBA from a good college and land a cushy job.  For Varun his degree is just a piece of paper & his aspirations lie somewhere else. He wants to be an entrepreneur and dashes off an idea to his good friend and together they take on the challenge to realise their dreams.

But can life be as easy when Anu Aunty is around? She is an archetype aunty whose son is “The Best” in everything that he does and never minces any words to say so. She decides that it is her responsibility to set Varun’s life in order. To make matters worse his mother turns on the Bollywood histrionics and takes him to a counsellor.

Will Varun survive the onslaught of too much interference in his life?

Will Varun & his friend be able to survive the risk that they have taken?

Read the book to know more.

My Verdict

A fun read this book is autobiographical tale of Varun. Filled with nuggets of wisdom about how to go for your own business this book is a worthy read. It is an easily relatable book because in some way or the other we too have been pressurised by the society to follow the so called rules created by them. Somehow being an engineer/ doctor, getting a cushy well paid job, getting settled in life has been given more importance over doing something which gives you happiness and satisfaction because we are concerned about what will people say.
This book and the inspiring story tells you that dreaming is no sin and chasing them is the only way out. The good thing here is that it is never preachy and a fun filled ride with lots of booze & cigarettes flowing in. Entertaining and yet inspiring is how I will sum up the book as. Go for it.
My rating 3.5/5


  1. Hey Smita, you have only good things to say about the book, so why did you cut 1.5?

  2. @Reema: I'm guessing the writing [language/narration/usage] would not have scored those 1.5 points...what say Smits?

  3. @scribby: I agree, poor language and flat narration spoils a book for me too!

  4. I have to come over one day and grab all these books from you :)


  5. Hey, i ordered this book for my sis on Flipkart and she liked it.. Waiting to read it!

  6. hey dont give them to biks...he is in queue:)tell him i am a mumbaikar and mumbaikars get preference hahha


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