29 July, 2014

Repeat - Day 29

Pot holes do a Repeat of last year that too on a newly constructed.highway. Btw we will be paying toll for this highway.

28 July, 2014

Cool - Day 28

This was one of the toughest prompt for me. From capturing rains to planning to open the freezer i had all the ideas running through my Mind and then i cooked the dinner.

As you see below, the image is of Dabeli in making. Just couple of months back Rakman (in one of the most active Whatsapp group of mine) boasted about his wife made Dabeli. We then pestered him for the recipe. It was then that this otherwise uselss Man turned sweet. Via his friend in Kutch he managed to send Dabeli Masala for each of us.

Ain't that COOL??

P.S. Rakman i reiterate am running short of ideas so stop flying ;-)

26 July, 2014

Ten - Day 27

This Morning 10 AM was booked for Kick!!

Fun - Day 26

Well do i need to say anything?

24 July, 2014

Water : Day 24

This, Son of mine Loves water and I have photos to prove it. :D

Playing with Keechad on Holi

Freaking out at Mandwa Beach

Aah!!! See the satisfied Look

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