02 March, 2015

All the Gabbars in the House

Are asking at regular intervals

Holi Kab Hai??

And when they get confused they even ask Diwali kab aayegi. *rolls her eyes*

Pichkari has been bought and when I was buying a new big one for sonny boy he very nicely reminded me; "Mumma ghar main big waali pichkari hai na we don't need this". I was like he takes on right things from his father (who BTW is Gabbar-2). But I still ended up buying a small one for him because last year by the time poor fellow would pump in water in his pichkari, people would splash colour on him and go. 

See it is taller than him!

So the plans are on for Gujhiya & Mathri's which we would have made yesterday had we not gone to see Dum Laga Ke Haisha. It was an impromptu plan but a great one.

The Movie is just awesome. We were laughing most of the time and the best part was I could relate to it at many levels. The movie is true to its setting & takes you down to the memory lane. Remember how we used to buy audio cassettes, clean the player? Or the way we used to give songs for recordings and would then make a cover of the blank cassette, write all the songs inside?? Of how the reel would get entangled and we would take it out & try to make it work but by putting in a pen in the spool and repair it?

The movie also took me back to my homeland. The language used, the cunning relatives, it was all there. 

It is a must watch movie with a stellar cast. A sweet story very well told.

I also managed to finish my passport application work this Saturday. Would you believe me if I tell you that I was out of the office under an hour? I reached there at 8:40, got in by 8:45-50 and was out by 9:55 AM. It would have ended faster had their been no government employees. But what to do the verification is done by them and none of them had arrived till 9:20. Here I must tell you that the girl who verified my documents was quite young and the way she was yawning at 9:30 AM? I was about to ask her if she wants me to sign in her place *rolls eyes*.

And I am keeping all my finger crossed for India's campaign in World Cup 2015. So far so good!!!

So how was your weekend? What plans for diwali holi?

27 February, 2015

Shopaholic to the Stars: (Shopaholic Book 7)

Title: Shopaholic to the Stars
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Price: Rs. 284/- (Kindle Edition) 352/- (Paperback)
Pages: 400 (PaperBack)
Category: ChickLit

From The Blurb

Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood) is in Hollywood! It's as if all her life has been leading to this moment. She's hanging out with the stars … or at least she will be, when she finally gets to meet movie superstar Sage Seymour, whom husband Luke is now managing. There's so much to see and do! And getting Minnie through the hurdles for her A-list Hollywood pre-school will require some…er…help. 

Becky sets her heart on a new career - she's going to be a celebrity stylist. Red carpet, here she comes! But Becky soon finds it's tough in Tinseltown. Luckily her best friend Suze comes over to keep her company, and together they embark on the Hollywood insider trail. But somehow...things aren't quite working out as they’d hoped.

Then Becky's big chance comes, and it's an opportunity that money can't buy. But will it cost her too much?

My Review

I am a big fan of Shopaholic Series and have read the 1st four books more than once. In fact I am a fan of Sophie Kinsella as well. There was a time when I would not wait for the proper paperback to release; grabbing the much expensive trade paperback.

There was a time when I used to relate to Becky; their was a phase in my life when my shopping pattern was a little in line with being a shopaholic but then life changed and I grew up. Unfortunately Becky hasn't grown up till now. In this book we are transported to Los Angeles and Becky is still as vain as she was in the other books from the series. Not that she isn't entertaining but how much can you rehash the old formula again & again.

Shopaholic Series follows a template
  1. Becky is Adorable
  2. Becky Shops
  3. Becky is Selfish
  4. Becky is Hurting everybody
  5. Becky Knows she is committing mistakes but ignores
  6. Everybody leaves her all alone
  7. She gathers her marbles and understands everything
  8. Ta da Novel ends
Its very simple, the books is entertaining but offers nothing new. We know where the story is going; ummmm not really because there is an unexpected twist but you keep reading because Becky is addictive but by the time you finish the book you realise it was all fluff. 

I hope the next book in the series offers us something new.

My Rating: 3/5 (Yes it is still an entertaining read)

26 February, 2015

The World is Not All That Bad

This morning when we were on our way to office our reverie (read Hubby riding & Me hurriedly reading something on my mobile) was broken by a strong hooting of horn behind us. We slowed down and turned around to see Truck (of all vehicles) hooting behind us and the cleaner half leaning out shouted "aapka bag gir gaya hai" (your bag has fallen down).

Hubby checked and found my lunch bag missing. He was clearly in two thoughts, "to go back or to leave it".

I myself was clearly in two thoughts; to get it back or to leave it. The previous thought was winning and then I remembered Methi ki Bhaaji, Pakodi waali kadhi & Tupper ware ka dubba.....

And then came in another truck & another cleaner leaning out, "zyada door nahin hai".

Both I & Husband started peering back and In came another truck with another cleaner leaning out, "its there not far"..

We were like how come all the Truck drivers know that we have stopped for that bag only and how do they know its our only? Since I was standing rigidly, hubby decided to drive back and rescue the bag.

I thanked all the Truck wallahs, their cleaners & my hubby profusely (of course in my mind) while eating the lunch coz it was lip smacking yummy! And Yes I made it and I am usually modest.

On a side note, my Blog has featured in Top 15 Books Blogs of India, you can view it here. And to be honest I am embarrassed after reading that post because a) I Haven't written a book review in like ages? b) I know that site is something else and they only want footfalls for their website. I feel embarrassed for falling it for it. But well, its there so its there.

How's life? You guys don't really comment these days no? No words of encouragement for people like me who are trying to get back to blogging huh?

24 February, 2015

The Pickle-y Weekend

We had a hectic & busy weekend managing to pack in so much & accomplish so much that its no mean deal.

So what all did we accomplish?

  • Made Tomato Pickle on Saturday
  • Went out to a Mall & had a gala time there
  • Parents managed to catch Badlapur
  • Sunday managed to make Amla / Green Chilly & Red Chilly pickles
  • Celebrated India's win on South Africa
  • Organised all my originals for the impending Passport Office visit.

And the last one reminds me, we applied for Brat's passport last Wednesday (No we aren't travelling out of India but I wanted to get my passport renewed & brat's made as soon as we had completed one year in this house) and will you believe if I told you that it was delivered Yesterday? Yes in flat 4 days (excluding the weekend). Am still reeling in shock. India is Indeed Changing for good. As far as my passport is concerned, I forgot my original marriage certificate at home so going again this Saturday.,

Coming back to the weekend, the only thing that I couldn't do was getting a hair cut. Coming to the pickles. The Tomato Pickle I am talking about is my Mom's specialty and I had always wanted to learn how to make it. So this weekend was the D-Day and I can't tell you how yummy the achaar has turned up. When we were cooking the aroma that encompassed the house transported me to my childhood days. Of how we used to polish off the achaar with Mathri's & aloo paratha's....sigh!!! *this reminds me to call up my bro to tease him*

So on special request of RM here is the recipe. Do note that my Mom works on approximation (like all people of her generation used to when cooking) but she has very sweetly given me the measurement for blog purpose. So here we go..

Tomato Pickle


Tomato:                1 kg (ensure that you pick up red stiff ones and not the desi ones)
Refined Oil:           1/2 Cup (more if you want)
Ginger:                  1.5 Tbsp (finely chopped)
Green Chilly:       1 Tbsp (finely chopped) You can increase or decrease this as per the spice level you want
Methi Seeds:         15-20 
Mustard Seeds:      1.5 teaspoon
Salt:                      To Taste
Turmeric Powder: 2 Tbsp
Red Chilly:            1 Teaspoon
Vinegar:                 1/2 Cup

Spices to be powdered
Mustard Seeds:     1.5 Tbsp
Methi Seeds:         1/2 Tbsp

Cut the tomatoes as shown in below picture (choosing the right tomato makes your job easy coz the desi ones have more water content and will take more time for the pickle to get cooked) i.e. halve them and then slice it again in half and cut fine slices. Chop the Ginger & Chilly finely. 

Heat oil in a big heavy base vessel. When the oil is heated add the whole Mustard and Methi Seeds. As they start spluttering add the Ginger & Chilly. After a minute add the powdered spices, Salt, Chilly & turmeric powder.

Cook it for half a minute and then dump in the tomatoes

Turn the flame on high and cover the vessel.Keep checking the mixture and keep stirring it every now & then so that the tomato doesn't stick. Once the water reduces, reduce the flame on medium and cook the tomatoes. You will see how it changes colour.

Don't multitask while cooking this because tomato has a tendency to stick. Keep cooking & stirring at regular intervals till the oil separates (should take anywhere between 20 mins to 1/2 hour). Once it reaches stage 4 of the photo above, add the vinegar and cook for another 5 minutes. Turn the gas off and your pickle is ready to be savored. This Pickle needs to be stored in refrigerator!

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19 February, 2015

There are days when you feel like banging your head when...

Me: Arnav be silent for a moment please
A: Why?
Me: Am doing some important work
A: Then what should I do?
I keep mum and continue doing my work
A: Kab tak chupp rahoon
I still keep mum and continue doing my work
A: What do I do then?
Me: Be silent.
A: Then what should I do? Whom should I talk to?

Only a stern look would give me the desired result...

Then there are days when he retorts

A: But then why has God made mouth?  Why did he give us a moonh?
M: Even if he has given you a mouth it doesn't mean you have to use it always. You need to give it a rest.
Then I give him some gyaan, he agrees with what I said, says goodnight and...
A: Mummaaa!!! Aj kaun sa day hai. Kal Friday hai??


And then there are days when Hubby faces him

H: Arnav don't jump in that puddle...
Phachaaak! he jumps
A little later Hubby offers a candy to brat, peels the wrapper and hands it to him
A: Give it in my hands
H: No I will put in your mouth
A: Why?
H: Your hands are dirty.
A: You always do this, never give it to me in my hands
H: But just now you jumped in the puddle na? You are dirty,
A: But that I did with my legs not with my hands!

I was hiding my face & laughing and Hubby was like...dumbstruck!

And then there are days when an outsider faces him

Me to Autowallah, "Bhaiya you are charging too much.
A: Mumma! Is Uncle asking too much money?
I: yes!
A: What will do now?
Me: What else will give it to him.
A: Uncle why are you taking so much money?
Uncle: Beta you ride in my auto for the full day and I will not take any money from you.
A: But why will I ride in your auto. I will drive my own!
U: What?
A: Main aapko topi pehnaaonga!
U: Bhabhi Aapka beta bahut Talent hai (that BTW is Mumbaiyya Inglisss)

I was like face palm and what not!

But yes life is cheerful and full of action with Arnav around. There are moments when his constant chatter catches on my nerves but then when he is silent or sleeping the house looks too empty...

Rare Moment when he is sitting still :D

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