01 February, 2016

100 Steps Ahead of You!

We aren't a couple who uses abuse words frequently, the word that we use the most is "Saala" and since we have a kid at home we are extra cautious in using it but as they say for all our smartness our kids are 100 step ahead of us.

So, this Sunday we were having a discussion when in the heat of the moment my husband says "woh saala aisa karta hai." The brat who was practically invisible at that time springs up and asks, "Daddy what does Saala mean?".

Here I must add that brat is an expert in being invisible and appearing when you least expect him to. Like I would be saying something to hubby believing that brat is out of range and bang he would appear like a ghost. Putting me in a dilemma "has he heard what we were talking about"?

Getting back to this day..

So, husband very smartly ha! ha! turned around and said, "I said Masala." 

I was relieved!Matter finished chapter closed! How wrong I was!

Later in the evening we were driving back from somewhere and were discussing an impatient driver who was blowing horn and was in a hurry.

Arnav: Mumma! Mumma!
Me: Ya!
Arnav: See how that MaSala took his car from here & turned there!

I was zapped for a second and when we realized what he meant we were laughing (silently) like crazy and then he delivered the killer punch

Arnav: Mumma! Did you understand what I said?

I Decided to play innocent

Me: No!
Arnav: Arrey I said Masala so that you don't understand Sala!!

We are still reeling from that punch!

Handling a kid so no kids play I tell you!

09 January, 2016

The Mystery Man /Woman

Has it ever happened to you that you are reading a mystery book or a watching a movie / serial and the protagonist is struggling very hard to guess the murderer or the culprit while it stares at his face?

It has happened so many times with me that it frustrates me. I mean the clues are staring at your face and you continue struggling to find the truth. In such times I feel like getting into the book or TV and feel like hilaaoing the protagonist for being dumb. And don't take me wrong when I say all this I don't mean that am very intelligent and I also accept that when you are reading a book from third person perspective you see things which you might not see when you are in the thick of the things but then I put myself in the protagonists shoes only to realise that truth is visible then also.

So what does all this mean? Are the writers lazy Or do they take the reader for granted and treat them as fools?

Your views?

26 December, 2015

Day 25....

And I will be this for many more years to come...

Is this my real age?
Your guess is as good as mine!
Till then keep guessing...

24 December, 2015

The Annual Day....Day 24

This Wednesday there was Annual Day Celebration in Arnav's school. Along with that they had kept an Anand mela on the lines of the fair that they had last year. Unfortunately unlike last year I wasn't able to put up a stall (it was mid week for God sake). But over all it was a fun even with the kid re creating their day for us, singing rhymes and just doing what they normally do every day. 

It is always a pleasure to visit his school because the open & green environment. Here are some images from the day

The Hens!

Spot the chickens


Santa Claus!

Him & His Best Friend

The Christmas Tree

23 December, 2015

The Strangers on the Road...Day 23

There is no dearth of strangers on road rather there are only strangers and some of them are such sample piece I tell you...

This guy I met one morning; met in fact is a misleading word. We were commuting in the same vehicle and some conversation happened in which all were involved. He was well spoken and that was it. Few days later our paths crossed again. A little information like destination etc were exchanged and unfortunately he was able to guess the company I work for.

He works for some educational institute which takes kids for educational tours etc. He was continuously trying to strike a conversation with me. I was seriously not interested because a- I was reading & b- I had nothing to talk about. But he was persistent and he started asking stupid questions like, do you have a division which handles the team engagement thing and how does my company engage the employees. When he asked the last question I was about to say "with work what else" but I avoided. I stopped answering his questions & gave just one worded answers assuming he would stop and eventually he did.

A little later when or vehicle reached its destination I got down and started looking for an auto-rickshaw to move ahead. Ultimately I managed to get one and as soon as I got in I realized that the stranger followed me in the auto. I was surprised and immediately said that I am going till X place and he has to go further ahead. The idiot replies, I prefer being on moves always. I was now getting worried! This was too much.

Thankfully I had a small distance to cover. After getting down I realised that neither me nor the rickshaw driver had change. This man immediately offered to pay for me and I was very clear I wanted to do nothing with him. When I refused he offered to give me change and I refused again. Thankfully I managed to dish out change and though it was 3 Rs short the driver accepted it and I rushed dum daba ke.

Men are seriously beyond me. If you talk to them a little they start assuming too many things and they forget their limits. Though that man did nothing really objectionable to me but his attitude freaked me big time. It was like he was invading into my personal zone. 

Has something similar happened to you ?

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